Frequently Asked Questions


All of our naturally dyed pieces are dyed with either plants or minerals or a combination of the two, and as such may behave slightly differently from synthetic dyes when it comes to care instructions.

Will natural dyes fade?
In short, all dyes fade. Whether synthetic or natural, the dyes will fade over time. It is the rate of fading that we focus on, making sure that our natural dyes last for the life of the scarf.
All colors fade, but natural dyes fade in an organic and beautiful way. It isn't something you notice day by day, but year by year you'll see time reflected in your garments. Some pieces will take on the distinctive 'fades' and usage lines popular in well-worn blue jeans, others will simply desaturate, while yet others will shift slightly in hue. 

How to store your cashmere scarf?

we recommend storing the clothing in a dark place when not being worn (like a closet or drawer) 

How to wash your cashmere scarf?

We spot cleaning it as needed, and dry cleaning it when it needs a complete wash. 

What are natural dyes?

Natural dyes are dyes that are sourced from traditional plant and mineral sources. Some of the most widely used dyes in clothing are indigo, which creates all shades of blue, and madder root which creates reds, from light pink to brilliant burgundy. Other natural sources include pomegranate skin for yellows and walnuts husks for black. 

Advantages of natural dyes?

Natural dyes have many advantages over their synthetic counterparts. Natural dyes are more beautiful. The colors they produce tend to have a more organic and natural hue. Wool dyed from plant sources has a more variegated palate (known as Abrash) that shifts in intensity and saturation creating a pleasing hand-made look. In addition, natural dyes tend to be more color-fast. They fade very little when exposed to sunlight. And, when they do fade, they develop a warm patina of age. They do not bleed when washed with water. And finally, natural dyes are not toxic. They do not pose a risk to the dyers or to the environment.

All Foxtail Goods packs are made from oiled vegetable-tanned leather and hand-waxed locally milled cotton. Due to the handmade craftsmanship of our materials no two bags are identical. Please note colors may vary slightly from one another and what is shown on our website.


All Foxtail Goods leather products are specifically designed to age beautifully over time while requiring little to no maintenance. Our durable designs can handle the elements, but like all leather products, avoid excessive exposure to water and moisture. Maintenance is mostly about common sense;  if you happen to set your bag down in a puddle try to dry as soon as possible, or if the leather begins to collect dirt, simply wipe off with a damp cloth.

If you would like to re-hydrate or jump-start the caramelization and softening process of the leather on your pack, we recommend Otter Wax Leather Oil - but be careful because a little goes a long way!


Waxed fabrics have been used for many years due to their low maintenance and durability. Like all waxed canvas, the natural development of kinks, scars and marks will develop and become part of the character and patina of your pack.

Waxed fabrics should be treated similarly to leather goods, which means they should never be washed or dry cleaned. If your waxed canvas good becomes dirty, simply wipe done with a damp cloth. If a deeper clean is needed you can purchase a specialized cleaning product - we recommend Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner.

What is your return policy?

We will gladly accept returns or exchanges for online purchases within 7 days of delivery and issue a refund for the amount of your purchase minus a 10% restock fee and the shipping costs. If your return exceeds the 7 day period, you will receive store credit for the amount of the item minus a 10% restock fee. Please return merchandise in original condition it was sent, unworn and unused. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. We will use our own discretion to determine whether the item was worn or not. If we deem it is not in new condition when returned then we will ship back the item to you.

REQUIRED: You MUST e-mail us prior to shipping back a return so we are aware of a package arriving. Most packages we receive are left outside of our office and it is not our responsibility if packages are stolen.

Shipping Policy

All orders placed on Foxtail Goods will ship within 3-5 business days pending item availability and payment verification. Orders are shipped during business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. You will receive an email notification as soon as your package is on the way! Special events and promotions may result in longer processing times.